Want To Quit Smoking The Healthy Way? E-Cigarettes Are The Way

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Regardless of the fact that smoking isn’t as popular as it once was, as of 2016, in the United States alone, there are almost 500,000 people a year dying from smoking cigarettes. Another 16 million live with a disease that is related to smoking. So, if electronic cigarettes can reduce that number safely, why is there such an uproar about them?

Some experts say that there is very little risk in using electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit.  With the research and studies done to date, e-cigs are effective and safe when compared to the potential impact on public-health impact. Especially when you compare the astounding toll of cigarette caused death and disease around the world.

Electronic cigarettes should be continually analyzed and evaluated just as anything new is, not just based on what information comes from the manufacturers. Study of any potential effects in the long-term will take years and years, but based on what is known today, electronic cigarettes are effective and safe in helping smokers quit.

Experts along with the U.S. Surgeon General have found links between smoking-related diseases and the combustion products of smoke from traditional cigarettes. What they have not found a link is any disease related to the nicotine that is found in both electronic cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes.

While nicotine is an addictive substance, it has not been found to cause issues that smokers have such as cancer, lung disease or vascular disease. When a smoker decides to quit any nicotine habit, their success rate is 5% or less for long-term success. With medical assistance, that increases to approximately 10%.

The Opposition

Nobody will argue that anyone that wants to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes should have their doctor’s complete support. And those doctors should be well informed and versed in recommending effective and safe treatments. As of today, many experts say that the medical evidence in supporting electronic cigarettes as being effective and safe is very sparse.

To date, only 1 random clinical trial has been held that compared electronic cigarettes with nicotine patches and the findings weren’t all that impressive. The rate of successful quitting was 7% for users of electronic cigarettes and 6% for users of nicotine patches.

Electronic cigarettes and other treatments have not been subject of any other random clinical trial for health providers that was approved by the USFDA yet. Those other regiments include a variety of nicotine treatment such as medications of bupropion and varenicline, nicotine gum, inhalers, lozenges, nasal spray, or nicotine patch. Note that each of those regimens require ongoing counseling to get the best effect and results. Find out more about die beste elektrische Zigarette in the article right here.

Where many experts that are opposed to electronic cigarettes have some ground to stand on is that the majority of those who switched to electronic cigarettes continue to smoke traditional cigarettes. What they did manage was to add another habit to their lifestyle. There have been approximately 20 studies performed of those who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking versus smokers that quit without using e-cigarettes. The results from these studies found that those who used the e-cig to quit weren’t as likely to be successful as those who didn’t.

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