DIY E-Liquids: What You May Not Know

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After electronic cigarettes hit the market, it wasn’t long before DIY e-liquids came along. For those of you who don’t vape, this is the stuff that goes inside the e-cigs and gives the smoker the pleasure they seek.

You can buy multiple flavors and strengths that are ready-made, or you can mix those flavors and create your own.

Somewhat of a chemistry process when you look at it. You are mixing 4 chemical type substances together to create a product. Those substances include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and a flavoring or flavorings. Care must be taken in mixing these substances in order to get the desired results of PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength and flavor. There are also “shots” of flavors that you can add to the ready-made e-liquids.

Is This DIY Process Safe?

The answer to this question is dependent upon how the e-liquid is mixed. The big difference can be if you’re mixing an existing brand of e-liquid with a foreign country ingredient, say from China, where the nicotine isn’t diluted.

When a group of vapers were asked, many believed that the need to state the dangers of nicotine in high strength wasn’t worthwhile. As many as 20% of vapers interviewed admit to using e-liquid that is 70% nicotine or even stronger.

What many vapers, even smokers of traditional cigarettes do not realize is that even the nicotine on your hands can be dangerous in excessive amounts, which can happen when mixing your own e-liquid. It is always recommended to wash your hands after handling nicotine when mixing your own e-liquid. The vapers that do think about this are leery about mixing their own e-liquid for that very reason. Read more about DIY process on

High-Strength or Pure Nicotine: The Dangers

It has been stated by several sources that even 60 mg of nicotine can be deadly for an average-sized adult. Other sources say that it is more in the range of 500mg to 1000mg. In that regards, spilling 6mg/ml of e-liquid on your hands isn’t that dangerous. But again, as little as 18 mg of nicotine on your hands could make you feel nauseated.

Regardless the amount, one thing everyone can agree on is that regardless the circumstances, pure nicotine should be handled with extreme care and consumed even more carefully. Pure nicotine in any amount is dangerous and a high-strength base even more so. Great care should be taken in handling it and storing it. Just as any chemical product, it should be placed away from where children may get reach it.

Unpure Nicotine: A Danger Itself

There is always the chance that you may receive nicotine that is not pure too. And that can bring us to other dangers that you should be aware of before trying the DIY process of e-liquid. Chances are, if your “pure” nicotine is coming from China, it may not be pure as the pharmaceutical grade is not easily obtained there.

In Closing

In closing, the best advice overall is to be cautious with your electronic cigarette and the liquid you choose to fuel it. As with anything, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Always follow instructions, if you’re going to err, err to the safe side. And enjoy your vape!