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What’s Better – A Convection Or A Conduction Vape?

Are you thinking of investing in a dry herb vaporizer but don’t know which to choose? One of the main questions posed by those who are buying their first herbal vaporizer is “Should I choose a conduction or a convection vape? Which one is best?”

The trouble with this question is that there is no single one size fits all answer. Both methods of heating up dry herbs has its own advantages as well as its own downsides. At the end of the day, which heating method is right for you will depend on your own personal preferences, however this article is designed to help you to make an informed decision. Here, we look at both methods in more depth as well as their pros and cons.A Convection Or A Conduction Vape

What Should I Know About Conduction Vapes?

In the early days of dry herb vaping around 40 years ago, conduction was really the only heating method available for herbal blends. In the most basic terms, the conduction method works by heating up the herbs through direct contact with the heat source, which in turn converts the herbs to vapour which can be inhaled.

The main benefits of using this heating method include:

  • A shorter heating time
  • Cheaper products

There are a few drawbacks to conduction however:

  • The herbs can accidentally be combusted when using this heating method and the herbs need to be shaken before heating begins to prevent this happening. New users may therefore find it more difficult to master this method.

What Should I Know About The Convection Heating Method?

The convection heating method is a relatively recent addition to the vaping market, however it has turned out to be a popular option. The heating method involves heat being radiated from either a stainless steel or ceramic heat source and transferred through and around the dry herbs. The main difference between convection and conduction heating is that the convection method does not involve any direct contact between the material to be vaped and the heat source itself.

The primary benefits to choosing the convection method for heating dry herbs include:

  • The herbal blend can heat more effectively and evenly
  • The temperature controls are much more accurate with this method
  • There is a reduced risk of accidentally combusting the material

Although the convection method has become the most popular choice among herbal blend vapers, there are a dew drawbacks to this option:

  • It takes longer to heat the material in order to produce a vapour
  • Convection method dry herb vaporizers are generally more expensive than the conduction operated devices

As you can see, there are several things to think about when choosing a vaping device for vaping dry herbs, however when you are armed with the above information you can choose the right device to meet your needs and which will ensure that you enjoy an excellent vaping experience when vaping the herbal blend of your choice.